Katia Sae, Signal Cartel

Katie SaeMy name is Katia Sae and due to a mysterious yet generous gift, I’ve joined the ranks of Caldari capsuleer’s. I can feel the call of my Achura bloodline within me, wishing to explore the stars. It is my desire to explore all of New Eden, one system at a time.

If you’re looking for my blog, To Boldly Go, please follow this link or if you were looking for my astrophotography gallery then follow this link.

((OOC: With the new expansion Dominion and the re-beautifying effort of the planets and stars, I’ve established a long term goal of visiting each and every planet in every system. In this blog, I hope to share this characters experience along the way. Who knows how long it will time or if I’ll ever be able to complete the goal, but as with most things, you have to start somewhere and take it one step at a time. In this case, one system at a time.))

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